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  • Includes a BLAQUE ENTREPRENEUR HUB freelancer membership

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  • We help your business look more professional with a actual business address in a commercial office building.

  • We send e-mail notifications when mail arrives

  • Upgradeable at any time to one of our in building spaces.

  • Your business will be included in our in-building directory.

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Choose your Virtual Mailing Address from the #2 Column1 Digital Mailbox network. See your mail as soon as it is received. Your Virtual Mail Address lets you manage your postal mail and packages virtually with our app or online! Stay connected, safeguard deliveries, and protect your privacy.

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A legal address contributes to a professional and trustworthy image for businesses in several ways

Having a legal address, especially in a well-known business district, conveys credibility and legitimacy.

A legal address contributes to a positive online presence.

In summary, a legal address is not just a logistical necessity; it's a powerful symbol of a business's commitment to professionalism, compliance, and trustworthiness.


Professional Image

Operational Efficiency

Having a legal address plays a vital role in facilitating efficient business operations, particularly in the handling of mail and receipt of official documents.

Privacy and Security Using a legal address for business mail provides an added layer of privacy and security.

Having a legal address enables businesses to centralize their document management.

In summary, a legal address is a cornerstone for efficient business operations, especially in managing mail, official documents, and legal compliance.

A virtual office service can be a strategic asset in supporting business growth by providing a solid foundation for expansion.

Before committing to a physical office space in a new location, businesses can use a virtual office as a testing ground.

A virtual office with a professional address enhances the business image.

In summary, a virtual office service serves as a flexible and cost-effective foundation for business expansion.

Complete Scalability

A virtual office makes your business appear more professional. It may be utilized to add more locations, segregate your business and personal lives, and provide a secure professional meeting space for customers. A BLQ PAQ virtual office offers an official business address with a dedicated mailbox service, as well as the ability to rent our meeting, podcast, and green screen rooms on demand. Having a BLQ PAQ virtual office allows you to work from anywhere while giving the impression that you are in a professional office building.

  • Home-based business

    Put an end to the practice of using your home as the image of your company. When you use your home address as your company address, you risk exposing your personal information to customers, clients, and the general public. Unwanted solicitations, possible security hazards, and a loss of personal space can all result from a lack of privacy. Everyone nowadays sees a "street view" when looking online. A commercial address conveys confidence, separating you from your personal life as you expand your firm. Out-of-town business Establishing a presence in Gwinnett County is made possible for you by using a BLAQUE virtual office.

  • International Business

    Virtual addresses provide multinational businesses with a practical and cost-effective way to build a global presence, manage mail, satisfy local regulatory requirements, and enter new markets. They offer the required flexibility and credibility for worldwide corporate operations without requiring extensive physical infrastructure in each location.

  • Mobile Business

    Overall, a virtual address may assist your mobile business in maintaining professionalism, streamlining processes, and improving your capacity to do business from anywhere. It offers the advantages of a physical address without the constraints and expenses associated with traditional office space, making it an invaluable resource for mobile entrepreneurs and enterprises.

  • Side Hustle/self-employed 

    Without the requirement for a dedicated physical office space, a virtual office may assist side hustlers in retaining professionalism, handling administrative work, improving their business image, and increasing overall productivity. It's an excellent resource for people who want to manage their side hustle with other obligations while maintaining a professional and respectable company presentation.

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