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Located Inside of Blaque Executive Suites:

Our facility is strategically located within the heart of Snellville GA, providing you access to a thriving ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

At BLQ PAQ, we go beyond providing virtual addresses – we empower your business with comprehensive solutions tailored for success. Elevate your professional image, streamline your operations, and join a vibrant business community. Contact us to explore how BLQ PAQ can redefine your business address and propel you towards greater heights!

Mail Forwarding and Pickup: We offer convenient mail forwarding and pickup options during regular business hours (Mon-Sat 9-6), ensuring you stay connected with your business correspondence.

Your Premier Virtual Business Solutions Provider

Entrepreneurial Understanding

BLQ PAQ is owned and operated by entrepreneurs who intimately understand the challenges and financial constraints of building a business. This firsthand experience allows us to tailor our virtual office services to meet the specific needs of fellow entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to succeed in the competitive business landscape, and we're dedicated to providing affordable solutions without compromising on professionalism or quality.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

From virtual receptionists to mail handling and meeting room rentals, BLQ PAQ offers a comprehensive suite of virtual office services designed to support your business needs. Whether you're a solopreneur working from home or a small team looking to establish a professional presence, our customizable packages ensure that you have access to the tools and resources you need to succeed. With BLQ PAQ, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the administrative tasks.

Thriving Community and Support

Beyond our virtual office services, BLQ PAQ fosters a supportive community within the BLAQUE Hub, where entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and support one another. From networking events to educational workshops and resource-sharing opportunities, the BLAQUE Hub provides a valuable ecosystem for personal and professional growth. When you choose BLQ PAQ, you're not just getting virtual office services—you're gaining access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping each other succeed.

Virtual Business Address:

  • Establish your credibility with a highly respected business address that will elevate your brand image.

  • Mail and Package Handling: Our team of professionals guarantees the safe and efficient handling of your mail and packages.

  • Stand out with our Building Directory Inclusion service! Your company will receive prime placement in our building directory, increasing its visibility.

  • Exclusive Offer: Take advantage of a fantastic 20% discount on all Blaque Hub memberships and gain entry to a vibrant and thriving business community.


Virtual Office:

  • Enhance Your Professional Image: Take your business to the next level by upgrading to a virtual office, complete with a prestigious address that will impress your clients and partners.

  • Efficient Handling: Our mail and package handling services are tailored to provide maximum convenience, enabling you to prioritize your main business activities.

  • Listing in Building Directory: Enhance your company's visibility with a prominent listing in our esteemed building directory.

  • Local VOIP Number: Improve communication with a local VOIP number, effortlessly connecting you with clients.

  • Special Offer: Take advantage of a fantastic 30% discount on Blaque Hub membership, promoting collaboration and growth.


Virtual Executive Office:

  • Elevate your professional image with a prestigious business address that exudes executive presence.

  • Superior Handling Services: Enjoy exceptional mail and package handling services customized to suit your business requirements.

  • Enhance your presence with a premium listing in our building directory, prominently showcasing your business.

  • Enhance your communication strategy by incorporating a dedicated local VOIP number.

  • Take advantage of a special offer: Get a generous 40% discount on any Blaque Hub membership and 40% off Evolve Suite CRM, boosting your operational efficiency to the maximum.


Personal Mailboxes:

  • Small Personal Mailbox - $20.00/month

  • Medium Personal Mailbox - $25.00/month

  • Large Personal Mailbox - $30.00/month

Business Mailboxes:

  • Small Business Mailbox - $25.00/month

  • Medium Business Mailbox - $30.00/month

  • Large Business Mailbox - $40.00/month

Unlocking Success with a Virtual Office at BLQ PAQ

Choosing a Virtual Office at BLQ PAQ means more than just an address – it's a strategic investment in your business success. Elevate your professional presence, enjoy exclusive perks, and position your business at the forefront of innovation. Contact us today to transform your business address into a gateway to growth!

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